There will be a NeXT Kiwicon.

16-17 November 2018
Michael Fowler Centre
Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

No, you can't buy a ticket yet.

Hello hacker-con-going friends,

We said at the end of Kiwicon X there would be no Kiwicon 11, and there wasn't. But we didn't say what would happen after that, because we didn't know either. We've had a year off, and ... we're baaa-aack. Same Kiwicon Crüe as ever, with the very welcome addition of Sput aka Erica, whom you might recall from her work on The Next Great NZ Hacker Con Organiser reality show BSides Wellington.

Kiwicon NeXT is booked. We have the same venue (the MFC) as K-X, but on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of November. We could try and claim that was some cunning plan for nefarious secretive reasons, but the truth is those are the only dates we could get. They moved us to make room for Bill Murray, and well, y'know, kinda hard to be cranky about that. We'll be doing something on the Wednesday/Thursday, not sure what, probably workshops and training as in the past. Pricing we're not sure about yet, we're still working the budget but we're aiming for the usual $100ish, and some token amount for students/unwaged. Size wise, venue limit is around the 2100 mark, same as K-X, and the format will be the usual Kiwicon single track.

Ticket and merch sales are a long way off. The Call for Papers is going to be a bit different this year, and will be along soon(ish), so start thinking about what you'd like to talk about. The 'con will assume its true form in its own good time, and ... well, I don't think we know any other way to do it than running this shit into the ground. As ever, we'll do our best, and we hope y'all like it.

See you in November,

The Kiwicon Crüe

P.S. No, it is not actually gonna be ICP/Juggalocon, ha ha. That was just metl messin' with ya, jeez, that guy can't be left unsupervised with a shell on the webserver.

P.P.S. Can you get Faygo in .nz? Asking for a friend.