Ticket Waitlist

Kiwicon 2038 general availablility tickets have sold out - our limit here is venue capacity, so there is nothing we can do to magic up more space. 

That said, we do have a pool of 300 reserve tickets that we need to keep back for managing sponsors, speakers etc. There will be spares from this pool, and we will endeavour to allocate these equitably. 

If you want to register your interest to be on the waitlist for the reserve tickets, please fill in the form below. This is not a promise that you will get a ticket. We will attempt to process the reserve ticket pool as soon as we can but it has to wait at least until the speaker submissions close (21 Sept), which we know is a problem for booking travel etc.

Sorry - there's just less space than there are people that want to come, and there are no bigger venue options. We hate turning people away, and if we could take you all along on our crazy ride, we would. 

The Kiwicon Crüe

P.S. This is not an automated process, submitting a thousand times will not help you. Quite the opposite.